Monday, December 14, 2015

The Beginning is Near

So this is it! 

My last email from the MTC! Weird right?! The next time I will be emailing from somewhere within my mission boundaries! Also, just as a note my P-days will from now on be on Mondays, NOT Saturdays. I am so incredibly excited to get out there and preach the word of God!

This MTC experience has been so great!  Some of my favorite memories include bearing my testimony on being a convert during our first devotional, the mysterious sock troll who put my roommate's socks in the trash, Pizza fridays, playing "if, then" with our elders, getting packages and letters from you wonderful people, going to choir every Tuesday and Sunday night, hilarious fake proposal stories with my roommates, getting a priesthood blessing of comfort, seeing it snow FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER (yes I meant for you to make that Frozen reference), receiving mind-blowing revelation from Heavenly Father, playing four square during gym, getting Chick-fil-a for dinner last Monday night, getting to hear an apostle of the Lord speak to us, and, for an added bonus, having all 4 of our "investigators" accept the invitation to be baptized!!! This has been a crazy, emotional journey, but I am so grateful for the time I got to spend and the things I was able to learn here in the MTC. 

Hermana Pierce got a letter from her best friend this past week and it had some advice in it that I loved. It said: "My new favorite word is "blesson." It means to look for the blessing in the lesson you had to receive and in the challenges you must face." It is definitely become a goal of mine to see the blessings in my life. I encourage you to look for them too!

Here is my New Address!!!!
Hermana Katelyn Hamill Brown
179 East 800 North
Logan UT 84321

You can send letters and packages here!
Praying for you always!

Love Always,
Hermana Brown

picture #1-the gorgeous mountains
picture #2-my district and one of our teachers Hermana Zakimi

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