Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Mom is Dying

Now that I've sufficiently freaked all of you out, let me explain! When you start your mission you are "born" and your trainer, mine is Hermana Lucas, becomes your "mom." When you finish your mission you "die." So, as this is Hermana Lucas's last week before she goes home, Hermana Lucas is dying! Is everyone calm now? No heart attacks or passing out? I promise my real mom is in great health and living in Delaware. I am going to be so sad when Hermana Lucas is gone! Here is a picture of my beautiful mom.

Isn't she precious!? I don't know what I'm going to do without her. She has been such an incredible influence on who I am, who I want to become, and what I want to accomplish. 

There has been so much snow this past week it is CRAZY! We have had serious fun going and taking pictures in it! So of course I have to show them to you because who would I be if I didn't take a minute to take a photo op, right?

Hermana Michia getting ready to brave the snow!

Hermana Lucas found Narnia! Unfortunately, it was near the trashcans...

On Monday, Hermana Lucas had a meeting so Michia and I grabbed a few quick photos before going back to studies! 

Up in the mountains!

Near Dry Canyon!

It was just so beautiful! I couldn't resist. 

And then last night we went to Sister Clark's house for dinner and there were some killer icicles that needed to be taken care of...

Super excited!

Yeah...No comment on this one...L O L

Hermana Lucas is the Ice Pageant Queen! 

Isn't the view gorgeous? Heavenly Father is amazing.

I also realized that I haven't sent a picture of what my desk looks like so here's that!

That's my little spot where I am for 4 hours in the mornings! 

The email this week is just a bunch of pictures. I'm just making up for last week! Sorry if you were hoping for more!

I will definitely put in the "Spiritual Thought of the Week" though! I was listening to a talk by a general authority and something he said really stuck out to me. He said "pray as if everything depended on the Savior." I never thought of that or really did that before hearing it the other day. I think that if we all were in a situation where everything and anything that we had or could do depended solely on our faith in the Savior we would have a much better understanding of His love for us and truly how much we need to depend on Him. So I encourage each of you to try to do that. Just once and see how much it impacts your life and how you see His hand in your life. I don't know that we appreciate His impact on our lives as much as we should, but if we take the time to really and truly depend only on Him I think we will come out better people, with a better understanding. Just remember, "pray as if everything depended upon the Savior."

I love you all and hope you continue to grow closer to your Father in Heaven everyday. I pray for you daily and know that God loves you! I can't wait to hear from you!

Love Always,

Hermana Café 😊

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